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James Salter

Have you ever burnt your palms? The pain is unbearable, and you feel like you will be useless until the end of time. Strangely enough, that is not the most memorable part of the experience.


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Here is the official preview of the book by James Salter. Order a copy of  Burnt Palms today to know more about what the chapters will talk about. Be inspired, and believe in God’s healing powers.

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James Salter

My name is James Salter, and I wrote this book with the help of my lovely wife, Lora, and our four children. I reside in Fairfield, Ohio. I began writing in 2008 while taking English Classes. Burnt Palms is my first novel.


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Burnt Palms

The days when we feel our worst is when help comes to us most unconventionally. The author of this book, James Salter, brings us an incident that could have destroyed a girl’s future when she was just a young child. Readers will learn about what happened when James narrated Lora’s experience of dealing with a severe injury and how she was healed when things did not look too promising.

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James Salter’s Burnt Palms is a motivational autobiography. Readers have begun to share their feedback about his first book. Here is what they had to say about it.